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Engines: 2x Skoda (772 kwt) 6L275PN

Restaurant on the 3rd deck:

28 people at the tables

4 people armchair and sofa

4 people at the bar

Vestibule on the 2nd deck:

2 people sofa

Children’s room of the 2nd deck:

4 people armchair and sofa

Cinema on the 2nd deck:

5 people armchair and sofa

Restaurant on the 2nd deck:

24 people at the tables

4 people chair

Restaurant on the 1st deck (main deck):

20 people at the tables

2 people at the bar

VIP cabin apartmentson the 2nd deck; sitting places and lying places

5 people armchair and sofa

2 people bed

Cabins №1 to №9

20 people

Crew cabins are not intended for passengers

  • Type: Passenger Vessel
  • Lenght: 50
  • Beam: 9
  • Year Build: 1955 (Refit 2021)
  • Engines: 2x Skoda (772 kwt)
  • Total Cabin: 10
  • Cabin Types:
  • Guests: 32
  • Crew: 8
  • Restroom(WC): 12
  • Shower: 12

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